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“Engineering With Nature”
Documentary coming out in 2018

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Leaping Frog Films is currently in post-production on a documentary showcasing a first-of-its-kind, environmentally friendly flood control/urban creek restoration project undertaken by Seattle Public Utility.

Recurring seasonal flooding made clear the need to find a solution for the long-suffering residents of a North Seattle neighbor.

The film looks into the thinking behind the unique inclusion of Engineered Logjams, a Hyporheic Zone, the construction phase, and monitoring of this future-thinking project. The results have so far been better than anyone could have hoped for. Thornton Creek is now able to accommodate, through natural processes, high flow events, and at the same time provide a permanent home for numerous fish and bird species (including endangered salmon) as well as being a focal point for the surrounding community.

This film couldn’t be more timely. Recent events have made clear the folly of uninformed development of essential floodplains. The urgency for a new direction in Public Policy has become painfully obvious. This visionary demonstration project, many years in the making, offers viable alternatives.

We are working to complete the film and have it become part of the public dialogue and any contribution toward that end will be much appreciated. See donate button above and tiers for donation. Each person or company that donates will appear in the credits under these categories.

The Secret Life of Rivers from S Solomon Leaping Frog Films on Vimeo.
A preview video about how important the HyporheicZone is to any river.

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