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Thornton Creek Restoration Film Trailer

Thornton Creek Restoration from Shelly Solomon Leaping Frog Film on Vimeo.

> Be sure to CLICK on HD to view the trailer in High-Definition. (HD Must be in Blue)

This trailer provides a taste of a film documenting a cutting-edge urban stream restoration project undertaken by Seattle Public Utilities during the summer of 2014.

The completed film, due out in 2017, will delve into the thinking behind inclusion of Engineered Logjams and the recreation of a Hyporheic Zone below the streambed, as part of a Wildlife friendly approach to flood control never before attempted. This project will set new standards for enlightened Public Policy going forward into the future.

The Secret Life of Rivers from S Solomon Leaping Frog Films on Vimeo.
A preview video about how important the Hyporheic Zone is to any river.

The budget for the project was understandably quite sizable, and unfortunately the creation of a film documenting the project’s design and construction landed far down on the priority list. Our feeling (admittedly as the filmmakers) is that the story and others depicting positive environmental actions should be shared with as many people as possible if we are ever to make better informed choices about our relationship with the Natural World. Any donations toward the completion of this film will be much appreciated.

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