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Previous Articles & Press

Shelly’s work with restoring water quality has been featured in articles in numerous international publications (Japan, England and Saudi Arabia), as well as Landscape Architecture Magazine and the front page of the Los Angeles Times here in the US.

• Crawford, L. “Working on Water”,
  Metropolis Magazine, September 1996.
• Gillette, J. “The Lady of the Lakes”,
  Landscape Architecture Magazine, February 1996.
• Granberry, M. “A Natural for Fake Lakes”,
  Los Angeles Times (front page Orange County Section), June 1994.
• Granberry, M. “Casting a New Light on the Work Place”, Los Angeles Times  
  (front page), August 1995.
• Louv, R. “That Little Pond Could be a Big Polluter”, The San Diego Union – Tribune, March 1996.
• Nifong, C. “Please Hold: Mr. Jones is Outside Fly Fishing”, Christian Science Monitor, August 1995.
• Smith, E. “Nature Healer”, Riyadh Daily, Saudi Arabia, November 1994.
• Solomon, S. “Designing an Effective Wetland Mitigation Program”, Land Use Forum
  (Journal of the Continuing Education of the California Bar Association), summer 1992.
• Solomon, S. “Ecologically Responsible Aquatic Feature Management”, Condo Management Magazine, June 1996.
• Solomon, S. “The Future of Aquatic System Management Lies in the Past”, Landscape Design Magazine,
  Tokyo, Japan, June 1998.
• Tetrault, S. “Healing Waters”, Orange Coast Magazine, July 1996.
• Tetrault, S. “The Killing of our Waters”, Awareness Magazine, August 1996.
• Warth, G. “Earth Day: Still Relevant After 25 Years”, The Blade - Citizen, April 1995.

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