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"Restoration Gone Wild"
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More than documentary, this is storytelling about the wisdom that sits in places, about people who have happened upon those locations, and their power to restore spoilt lands and waters to life. These stories stalk the listener, tuning our ears to the place where we live, and subtly provoking us to narrate the wild back into our own way of life.
Dr. Thomas Stiles, Environmental Education Researcher

These films are educational and moving. They blend science with a grassroots approach that inspires and educates all - from the highly technical scientist to the artist and activist in us all.
Laura Musikanski, Director of Sustainable Seattle

I'm a big believer in scientific/environmental education through entertainment and Leaping Frog Film’s are very professionally done. They have a unique perspective, informative narrative, and the inclusion of the local players are very well done.
Peter Shroeder, Marine Mammal Veterinarian

In her stories of local resurrections Shelly Solomon is a chronicler of hope, and of what is possible when people put their hearts, minds and efforts to restoring natural treasures that miraculously have survived “progress.” Her message that It Isn’t Too Late is much-needed inspiration for these times.
Jude Anderson, Therapist

Ms. Solomon's films cover a variety of captivating environmental restoration projects with in-depth documentation that provides a comprehensive and entertaining view of this important work from start to finish.
Tim Rymer, Biologist - National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration

From a restoration funders perspective we typically only see the specific piece of a project we have funded. Leaping Frog Films provides an in-depth understanding through great storytelling, context, and cinematography. The whole story is woven together from identifying the problem, creating the solution, to the positive direct and indirect outcomes on the ground and in the community.
Mike Ramsey, Salmon Recovery Funding Board and Estuary
and Salmon Recovery Program Grants Manager

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