Rentals Curriculum  




Environmental School Curriculum designed for Social Studies, Science, and Washington History

Using the award-winning “Restoration Gone Wild” film series, a 6-12 grade Social Studies/Science curriculum is being designed to inspire your students/children into environmental action. Thought-provoking discussion questions related to the theme of conservation and social action, as well as creative project ideas ranging from song writing to researching state environmental laws, this curriculum will even inspire students to document their own earth changing projects. Check back to purchase (when available) the package, which includes 3 DVDs and school curriculum. See how much fun meeting the Washington State Essential Learning Requirements for Social Studies, Science and History can be! Appropriate for both public/private and home schooling.

Carla Powell is the author of the environmental curriculum and has been teaching in public and private schools and home schooling her own children for 14 years. She holds a BA in Anthropology and Swedish from the University of Washington and a K-8 Teaching Certificate from Western Washington University with high schoolendorsements in Anthropology, English and Swedish. She lives on Marrowstone Island with her husband, two children, a cat and a bunny. Chickens are in the works.

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