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Ms. Solomon paints a visually beautiful, intelligent and interestingly detailed picture of habitat restoration, making the process easy to understand for the lay person.

This gentle side of science is not focused on nearly enough in the media in general, and leaves the viewer with optimism and hope. The passion in which these involved people show or the species they work with leaves the viewer with hope not only for the environment, but for the selfless side of human endeavors, which we see not nearly enough of.
Diane Galin - Graphic Artist

What we have here are some inspiring examples of environmental restoration projects that are bringing back to life our aquatic ecosystems; they provide a more hopeful environmental outlook than the usual gloom and doom environmental message.
Sarah Doyle, Intern - North Olympic Salmon Coalition

Ms. Solomon is an expert at weaving compelling stories about the history of the places we live, and the dedication of the people who work to heal these places. Even viewers with no previous exposure to restoration science will leave the films excited about, and invested in, the outcomes of the featured projects.
Clea Rome, North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Coordinator

In her series of Leaping Frog films, Shelly Solomon chronicles the ins and outs of restoring marine systems in today’s world. Preserving the places where we live and restoring our connection to resources that have fed humans for thousands of years is what these films are all about.
Betsy Peabody, Director Puget Sound Restoration Fund

These film gems show that it is possible to restore natural habitat that otherwise may have been lost forever. Behind the expertise, the commitment and the effort of those who populate these films are inspiration and hope for our regional land and sea and for us, the inhabitants.
Janice Krieger, Housewife

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