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Restoration of the Olympia Oyster

The oyster industry along the whole west coast owes its beginning to a small, native oyster called the Olympia oyster. Tasty beyond compare, Olympia oysters are the only oysters native to the Pacific west coast. Ecosystems unto themselves, Olympias play a role in keeping our estuaries clean and providing fish habitat. Today, they are holding on throughout most of their historic range and they are still cultivated by a handful of growers, but remnant populations pale compared to the expanses of native oysters that supported a thriving oyster industry in the mid-1800s. Current efforts to rebuild native oyster populations have generated a big following and a groundswell of activity. This film captures some of the characters and activities involved in rebuilding a storied population that has beckoned humans to the shore for thousands of years.

Running TIme: 21 Minutes - Standard DVD $17 - Blu-ray $18

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